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Newtown, CT

Are you interested in becoming a regular season referee with Newtown Soccer Club? 

If you are not yet certified, check out for certification information. Once you are certified, fill out the contact form.

If you are already certified in the state of CT, fill out the contact form. You will then be contacted for further information and assignment details.

All NSC Referees must be certified as a Grassroots Referee or higher through the USSF - CSRP. Information on becoming a certified referee can be found at

Do you have a question or comment about our referees? If so, please contact the assignor via email.

Referee Assault and Abuse

The CJSA According to the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA), "Whenever it is alleged that any player, coach, manager, club official, or game official has assaulted a referee or official assistant referee, which assault shall amount to physical violence, the State Disciplinary Board shall have original and sole jurisdiction to adjudicate the matter." This ZERO TOLERANCE policy includes all NSC games.

Referee assault is an intentional act of physical violence at or upon a referee that may include, but not be limited to, hitting, kicking, punching, choking, spitting at or on, grabbing or bodily running into; any act that could inflict injury or damage a referee's uniform or personal property.

Referee abuse is a verbal statement or physical act which implies or threatens physical harm to a referee or the referee's property or equipment. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, using foul or abusive language toward a referee; spewing any beverage on a referee's personal property; or verbally threatening a referee with an implied or direct threat of physical harm.

Should you find yourself the victim of assault or abuse, take it seriously. Make notes of the situation and obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses. If you are officiating a match when such an incident occurs, contact the assignor to begin the process of reporting the abuse or assault.

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